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How To Hire The Right People From The Start

Are you struggling to hire good people?

How painful is it to hire the wrong person?

And how much do you lose by leaving a position unfilled in your company?

Your business revolves around the people it employs.

The war for talent is heating up. Applicants are in high demand, and they know it.

If you are a service provider, the quality of your team dictates your brand.

If you run a product-based business, your employees are tasked with creating and fulfillment.

The quality of your people directly impacts your bottom line.

So why do businesses put so little emphasis on hiring the right people?

This is a question that I have struggled with for years.

First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Ian Mathews.

I am the founder of 5on4 Group, and I help companies grow by developing better managers. I have hired, promoted, and developed hundreds of managers over the past two decades.

Today, I advise startup founders and develop leadership teams for businesses of all sizes. I also write for Forbes, LinkedIn and the 5on4 blog. My articles have been read over 10,000,000 times.

I am fascinated by teams, and how they respond to their leaders.

I love to dissect why some teams perform above their collective talent level. Whether I am running companies or coaching youth sports, I believe in constantly evolving as a leader.

Truly, one of the hardest things to master as a leader is hiring.

Some of it has to do with reading people and paying attention to subtle cues.

A hiring manager must be impartial even under the pressure of being short-staffed.

Too many managers are overconfident in their ability to develop any candidate. It is much easier to run a business when you start with the right people.

You see, most of us were not taught how to hire people.

It is highly likely that we were never taught how to ‘manage’ at all.

We were put in a position of leadership because someone else deemed us worthy.  We performed adequately in our front-line role.

We followed the rules.

We showed up on time.

We exceeded expectations.

We got our diploma.

And boom, a management position opened, and you were promoted!

You get paid a few extra bucks and now you have got a team directly reporting to you.

Here’s what your “management training” likely looked like, “Here’s your desk and a list of the people who will report to you. These are the reports by which we will measure your progress. Have fun!”

Leading… Interviewing… Hiring… 

If you are like 83% of managers, you are on your own.

Hiring becomes a game of Russian Roulette.  You find someone who seems eager to do the job, you make an offer, and realize you made a mistake three weeks later.

Or you hire someone that reminds you of a younger version of yourself, then discover that they lack basic skills to do the job!

Neither is the right way to hire.

I consider myself fortunate. I worked for General Electric as a new manager and had the benefit of excellent mentors and world-class leadership training. I used that same hiring methodology throughout my career.

My process works at Fortune 500 companies and small startups with less than a dozen people, several of which I own today. 

The course, High Velocity Hiring: How to Interview And Hire Top Talent Now is a paint-by-numbers approach to hiring that will get your team issues straightened out immediately.

Inside High Velocity Hiring

Becoming An Interviewer Candidates Want To Work For

Lesson 1

Great Talent Has Choices

Lesson 2

The Four Types Of Interviewer

The Top 10 Interviewer Mistakes

Lesson 1

Cardinal Rules of Recruiting

Lesson 2

Interview Mistakes 1-5

Lesson 3

Interview Mistakes 6-10

Lesson Workbook

Interviewer Questions and Candidate Rating Tool

Avoiding Hiring Mistakes

Lesson 1

The Danger of Misreading a Candidate

Lesson 2

Determining if a Candidate's Skills Match What They Claim in an Interview

Lesson 3

"Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" Approach to Reference Checking

Lesson 4

Pre-Hire Testing and Effective Job Applications

Lesson 5

How to Overcome Your Bias in the Hiring Process

Lesson 6

Technical Skills are NOT an Effective Indicator of Hiring Success

Lesson 7

Identifying the Warning Signs of the Four Bad Actors

Lesson Workbook

Avoiding Hiring Mistakes

Behavioral Interviewing

Lesson 1

Results Trump Talk

Lesson 2

Four Truths an Interviewer Must Uncover

Lesson 3

Defining a STAR Answer

Lesson 4

Probe Like a Detective

Lesson 5

Push For a Complete Answer

Lesson 6

Spotting a Deceptive Answer

Lesson 7

Preparing Your Script For An Interview

Tool Kit

Interviewing Manager's Tool Kit: Sample Questions, Rating Tool, Panel Scoring Sheet, and more!

The constant cycle of hiring, training, and losing employees. It leads to late evenings in the office and sleepless nights. When your struggles as a manager lead to an unhappy personal life, it is time to act.

I know many managers who work regular hours and lead teams that produce reliable results on autopilot. 

You have two options:

Option #1: Accumulate experience by making hundreds of mistakes over the next two decades. (this requires that you work for an incredibly patient manager).

Option #2: Learn a proven hiring system from somebody who has experienced every lesson over a long career.

Those who take option 1, I wish you the best of luck. 

You will need it. 

But for those of you who invest in the second choice, your life will improve significantly. 

You do not have to wince every time your phone rings or someone walks into your office.  

But that is only if you act. 

Take advantage of this limited time offer to get instant access to this exclusive training program. 

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One Of The Best

When you work with someone like Ian, you might only talk with him a few hours per week but he is thinking about your business *much* more than that - hours a day. He brings to working sessions a depth of analysis and insight that you only find when a dedicated and experienced executive chooses to internalize your struggles and challenges, as if they were his own. The same issues that keep you up at night keep him up at night. This level of involvement is unheard of in the world of executive coaching and strategic advisory services.

Ian’s ascent within corporate America was rapid and different: he ascended into upper management as a student of business, and never stopped learning. While others networked theirs way up the corporate ladder, Ian progressed through meritocracy, relying on a level of self-analysis and performance assessment only seen in professional sports. Like an athlete who reviews their film, Ian spends time evaluating his decision-making, personal interactions, and overall performance. This is what makes him one of the best out there - not the decades overseeing billion-dollar businesses, but the decades of studied and analyzed experience.”

David Moeller

CEO, CodeGuard

Far More Productive

As a new leader, I turn to Ian for advice on how to approach specific situations with my team and clients. He shares his experience and helps me build a game plan, while making me think through every potential outcome of my decisions. My team meetings have been far more productive and inclusive as a result of his coaching. This change in approach brought my team together and has changed everything for the better.

James Joyce

Sales Manager, Midway Dental

Growth and Insight

For over a decade, I witnessed Ian successfully navigate corporate structure without losing an ounce of productivity, Ian takes lessons from some of America’s finest and largest companies and uses these skills to grow small businesses as both consultant and operator. As a small business owner, I rely on Ian as a sounding board regarding growth, staffing, market insight and strategic thinking. I find Ian’s counsel to be priceless to my company’s strategy, growth, and success. I’d not be where I am today without Ian’s friendship and counsel.

Frank Cava

CEO, Cava Companies

Like No Other

It was an opportunity like no other to connect with Ian Mathews. He possesses an invaluable pool of knowledge in leadership, management, strategy, and marketing. I brought in Mr. Mathews as a keynote speaker on the topic of leadership. His ideas and delivery energized the audience and personally helped rejuvenate my career. An hour of listening to Mr. Mathews is equivalent to reading 10 leadership books.

Jiteen Khera

Senior Project Manager, Chegg Inc.

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