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Discover The Simple Strategies For Building Highly Effective Teams That No One Ever Thought To Teach You Until Now

Inside this 12-week Masterclass, you'll discover proven strategies, techniques and methods for creating highly effective teams who can accomplish anything.

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Discover How Leadership Essentials Improves Team Dynamics

From higher output and better results, to greater satisfaction and execution; this program delivers operational excellence!

As A Manager Who Needs To Produce Results...

Leadership Essentials is a 12-week program that provides a clear path for you to grow as a business owner or manager. We attack every myth, misnomer, stereotype, and mistake that plagues managers in every industry.

Each week you will develop skills to evaluate, build, hire and coach teams with winning cultures. Every lesson builds on previous concepts, combining knowledge, practice, and feedback to allow you to absorb and apply the material.

You will receive weekly videos and action guides to help you apply your new knowledge with practical experience. You'll receive management tools, checklists, and guides to assist your conversations with teammates.

This is not a “quick fix” program.

Growing as a leader requires a willingness to put in the work.

If you are a manager responsible for a team struggling to succeed or you simply want to become a better leader of people – Leadership Essentials is for you.

Inside Leadership Essentials, you'll receive:

Essential Leadership Lessons

Myth Of The Superhero

Why trying to do it all undermines quality of work, urgency and team initiative and how you can pull back to reach new heights.

Ten Signs That You Might Be A Micromanager

Managers that have to be tied into every aspect of your work spreads like a cancer, kills motivation and increases employee turnover… are you making these mistakes?

Four Conversations You Must Have With Your Manager

How you can set yourself and your team up for success by beginning your role with 4 key conversations with your manager.

How Bad Apples Impact A Team

Bad apples rapidly turn high performing teams into duds… learn how to identify, correct or, if needed, remove these individuals.

Evaluating Your Team

Why it’s vitally important to objectively evaluate your team regularly to sustain and maximize growth over time.

Becoming An Interviewer Candidates Want To Work For

To bring in the top talent, you have to present yourself and your organization in a way that draws them in, here’s how you can prepare yourself and your hiring team for success.

The Top Ten Interviewer Mistakes

Attracting, retaining and developing high performers can have a massive impact on the overall company performance, here are 10 mistakes that interviewers make that cause high performers to walk away.

Avoid Hiring Mistakes

Hiring mistakes cost organizations a lot of time and money, here are the 4 most common hiring mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

The Case For New Hire Onboarding

Employee turnover is expensive, new hire onboarding can retain your new team members and improve overall performance.

New Hire Onboarding Lessons From The Military

The military has refined the onboarding process for hundreds of years, they turn civilians into soldiers in mere months, here are lessons you can implement within your organization to get new hires excited and enthusiastic to bring their best.

Driving Change

Using the C.H.A.N.G.E. framework, you’ll discover an effective path towards which obstacles to tackle, how to improve morale and get things done quickly.

Getting Results

Everything you need to know about getting results when taking over a new team, from early victories to instilling long term change.

Providing Feedback That Works

Understanding how AND when to provide feedback can dramatically improve your team morale and increase individual performance so they can succeed for the long term.

Building A Winning Culture

Culture drives a business, in this lesson, you’ll discover how to implement a culture that has no choice but to win and how to manage failure effectively to keep growing.

Ten Reasons Managers Are Not Delegating More

Managers know that they should delegate, but many don’t delegate enough and here’s the reasons why.

The 5 D's Of Delegation

In this lesson, you’ll learn a simple but powerful method for effective delegation that ensures all parties involved understand the task at hand so you can take pressure off of your schedule to continue to build a stronger overall team.

How To Fire An Employee

A stressful area for all managers is firing an employee, I’ve given you a step by step process for how to do it as painlessly as possible.


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Here's What Others Are Saying About
My Programs

Developing a well-rounded management skill set can take years without a defined plan. Let us help you accelerate that time frame and unlock your potential.

Far More Productive

"It was an incredible experience. Ian has a ton of knowledge and experience. Ian was a great facilitator. He was great at getting us all on the same page, pulling out info from folk who were talking less, and really making sure that everybody had a voice."

Angelo Argentieri

Vice President, Cava Companies

"One of the biggest things that I gained was the confidence to speak up, not only at executive team meetings, but also as the manager of my department... The leadership Essentials Training gave me the tools needed to foster an environment for our team members to be sure we reinforce, reward and repeat the performance so we can have a department that runs at the highest level with the most efficient process."

Karla Ebalo
Chief of Staff, Cava Companies

"Leadership essentials come high-recommended by me... Ian's program is one of a kind and provide you with the tools and resources to level up as a leader.... The program provided me with action items that had an immediate impact on me and my team. My favorite topic was "Building a Winning Culture". Ian's program laid out 5 simple steps that I was able to implement immediately to see results with my team."

Melissa Adler
Branch Manager, Nashville TN

"I took Ian Mathews' Leadership Essential course last year, and I loved it. There was so much practical information delivered in these bite-sized videos that were easy to follow. I really liked how it was self-paced and well structured, so you can refer to any  management topic you need, when you need it.
I highly recommend Leadership Essentials for both new managers and experienced managers who want to continue to improve their skill set."

Javier Castillo
Head of Marketing, Confirm Biosciences

"I finally found the business coach that has made a real difference for our company. Ian's natural teaching talents and experience leading teams has really helped me learn how to interview potential new hires, onboard them in such a way as to help them assimilate our company culture, and support an awesome team of professionals here at WPA."

Allyndreth Stead
CEO, White Phoenix Acupuncture

Absolutely recommend! Has changed my perspective on leadership and how a company should run. This was a fantastic program!

Perla Delacruz
Project Administrator, Kolter Homes

Like No Other

"It was an opportunity like no other to connect with Ian Mathews. He possesses an invaluable pool of knowledge in leadership, management, strategy, and marketing. I brought in Mr. Mathews as a keynote speaker on the topic of leadership. His ideas and delivery energized the audience and personally helped rejuvenate my career. An hour of listening to Mr. Mathews is equivalent to reading 10 leadership books."

Jiteen Khera

Senior Project Manager, Chegg Inc.

Growth and Insight

"For over a decade, I witnessed Ian successfully navigate corporate structure without losing an ounce of productivity, Ian takes lessons from some of America’s finest and largest companies and uses these skills to grow small businesses as both consultant and operator. As a small business owner, I rely on Ian as a sounding board regarding growth, staffing, market insight and strategic thinking. I find Ian’s counsel to be priceless to my company’s strategy, growth, and success. I’d not be where I am today without Ian’s friendship and counsel."

Frank Cava

CEO, Cava Companies

Far More Productive

As a new leader, I turn to Ian for advice on how to approach specific situations with my team and clients. He shares his experience and helps me build a game plan, while making me think through every potential outcome of my decisions. My team meetings have been far more productive and inclusive as a result of his coaching. This change in approach brought my team together and has changed everything for the better.

James Joyce

Sales Manager, Midway Dental

One Of The Best

"When you work with someone like Ian, you might only talk with him a few hours per week but he is thinking about your business *much* more than that - hours a day. He brings to working sessions a depth of analysis and insight that you only find when a dedicated and experienced executive chooses to internalize your struggles and challenges, as if they were his own. The same issues that keep you up at night keep him up at night. This level of involvement is unheard of in the world of executive coaching and strategic advisory services."

David Moeller

CEO, CodeGuard

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