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Discover The Secret To Building A Winning Performance-Driven Culture In Your Organization

Does Your Team Disappoint You More Often Than Not?

Pop quiz: How do you improve a struggling (or thriving) department in your business?

In other words, how do you build a winning culture?

If you're anything like I used to be, you might be thinking: 

"Hire better" or...

"Raise prices" 

Or maybe even "Evaluate our pay scale”...

That's how I used to think when I was struggling to find success running my own departments.

Now, those answers aren't "wrong," but they're also not solutions. 

They're bandaids, or perhaps small lifejackets. 

But if you can't address the single biggest underlying issue in your business, you must constantly address the neverending stream of problems that result from it.

There's nothing more frustrating than going into work every day I ager to move the team forward, only to spend your time putting out fires. 

Maybe it's projects that never make it across the finish line... 

Or phone calls that you never have the time to return (that end up costing you sales)... 

And it's all because of ONE underlying issue, that is easily addressed.

One underlying issue that has you staying late at the office, losing employees, and suffering from "imposter syndrome.”

You are burned out, managing a frustrated team, producing flat results, and explaining it to a disappointed boss.

So what IS this big problem? And how do you fix it?

The truth is so simple that it may surprise you. 

Your issues comes down to one key thing, MISMANAGEMENT. 

Hi - I'm Ian Mathews

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I am the founder of 5on4 Group, and I help companies grow by developing better managers. I have hired, promoted, and developed hundreds of managers over the past two decades.

Today, I advise startup founders and develop leadership teams for businesses of all sizes. I also write for Forbes, LinkedIn and the 5on4 blog. My articles have been read over 10,000,000 times.

I am fascinated by teams, and how they respond to their leaders.

I love to dissect why some teams perform above their collective talent level. Whether I am running companies or coaching youth sports, I believe in constantly evolving as a leader.

So all that frustration we talked about earlier... The sleepless nights.. The late hours at the office just to stay caught up... The constant cycle of hiring, training, and losing employees... The neverending frustration of a mismanaged department built on a broken culture.

It can end; replaced with a cohesive team that produces repetitive results on autopilot. So the way I see it, you have two options:

Option #1: Accumulate experience  by making hundreds of mistakes over the next two decades. (this generally requires luck) or... 

Option #2: Learn a proven management system from somebody who has experienced every lesson over a long career.

Those who take option 1, I wish you nothing but the best of luck. Because you will need it. The cost of trial and error alone is enough to cover the cost of this program one hundred times over. 

But for those of you who invest in the second choice, your life can get significantly easier. 

Imagine getting to sleep in for a change... 

To leave the office early for happy hour... 

Or show up early to surprise your family... 

And to not wince every time your boss calls you.  

But that's only if you take action. 

So take advantage of this limited time offer today to get instant access to this exclusive module from the Leadership Essentials training now, and see just how valuable proper management skills can be to your career. Click the link below to get instant access to this simple and effective training now.

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One Of The Best

When you work with someone like Ian, you might only talk with him a few hours per week but he is thinking about your business *much* more than that - hours a day. He brings to working sessions a depth of analysis and insight that you only find when a dedicated and experienced executive chooses to internalize your struggles and challenges, as if they were his own. The same issues that keep you up at night keep him up at night. This level of involvement is unheard of in the world of executive coaching and strategic advisory services.

Ian’s ascent within corporate America was rapid and different: he ascended into upper management as a student of business, and never stopped learning. While others networked theirs way up the corporate ladder, Ian progressed through meritocracy, relying on a level of self-analysis and performance assessment only seen in professional sports. Like an athlete who reviews their film, Ian spends time evaluating his decision-making, personal interactions, and overall performance. This is what makes him one of the best out there - not the decades overseeing billion-dollar businesses, but the decades of studied and analyzed experience.”

David Moeller

CEO, CodeGuard

Far More Productive

As a new leader, I turn to Ian for advice on how to approach specific situations with my team and clients. He shares his experience and helps me build a game plan, while making me think through every potential outcome of my decisions. My team meetings have been far more productive and inclusive as a result of his coaching. This change in approach brought my team together and has changed everything for the better.

James Joyce

Sales Manager, Midway Dental

Growth and Insight

For over a decade, I witnessed Ian successfully navigate corporate structure without losing an ounce of productivity, Ian takes lessons from some of America’s finest and largest companies and uses these skills to grow small businesses as both consultant and operator. As a small business owner, I rely on Ian as a sounding board regarding growth, staffing, market insight and strategic thinking. I find Ian’s counsel to be priceless to my company’s strategy, growth, and success. I’d not be where I am today without Ian’s friendship and counsel.

Frank Cava

CEO, Cava Companies

Like No Other

It was an opportunity like no other to connect with Ian Mathews. He possesses an invaluable pool of knowledge in leadership, management, strategy, and marketing. I brought in Mr. Mathews as a keynote speaker on the topic of leadership. His ideas and delivery energized the audience and personally helped rejuvenate my career. An hour of listening to Mr. Mathews is equivalent to reading 10 leadership books.

Jiteen Khera

Senior Project Manager, Chegg Inc.

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