Ian Mathews

I worked for two decades as an executive with two different Fortune 500 companies.  I strongly believe that an exceptional leadership team is critical to a growing, profitable business.

Since 2001, I have hired, promoted and coached several hundred executives, managers, and supervisors. I have also interviewed several thousand of their employees to understand the impact of leadership on team dynamics and performance.

I led businesses selling products as diverse as power generation equipment, new construction homes, financing, and software.

  • As one of the company's youngest executives, I led an international sales team for General Electric when the company had the largest market cap in the world.
  • I led a $4,000,000,000 profit center with 700+ employees for NVR, America's most profitable home builder, where I spent 13 years.
  • I was an initial investor and held the role of corporate advisor for a technology startup, CodeGuard, that sold for 15x initial investment.

I founded 5on4 Group to help companies develop stronger management teams with the same process, tools, and strategies that I have used to coach teams to extraordinary, breakthrough performances.

If you and your team are ready to make a major leap in skill, mindset, and performance, we want to help.  Click here to connect with us!