New Research Paper Reveals: Six Reasons Good People Leave Companies

Turnover starts small with one good employee leaving. Stress builds in the office with every day that the position is left unfilled. Companies hire the first available candidate, regardless of fit. This new hire compounds a bad situation, employee morale plummets, and more good people leave.

This expanded, 26-page research paper offers solutions to the six reasons good people leave companies. If your organization is guilty of the mistakes discussed in our short report, this expanded edition offers a guide to change course, retain great people, and break out of your current cycle.

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In This Research Paper You Will Discover

  • How To Choose The Right Managers

    Having the right leaders on the front line is key to retention. Learn the skills to look for when promoting managers, and the skills to ignore.

  • How To Know If Your Company Is A Good Fit For A Candidate

    Learn the three key areas to evaluate someone for the right motivational fit for your company. Ignore these, and you will replace employee after employee.

  • The Four Stages Of Development

    If your managers learn to recognize these stages, they will become more effective coaches with each person they lead.

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