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Week 1-A

Step 1

The Myth of the Superhero Manager

Week 1-B

Step 1

10 Ten Signs That You Might Be A Micromanager

Week 2

Step 1

Four Conversations You Must Have With Your Manager

Week 3-A

Step 4

Evaluating Your Team

Week 3-B

Step 4

How Bad Apples Impact A Team

Week 4-A

Step 4

Becoming An Interviewer Candidates Want To Work For

Week 4-B

Step 7

Top 10 Interviewer Mistakes

Week 5-A

Step 8

Behavioral Interviewing

Week 5-B

Step 9

Avoiding Hiring Mistakes

Week 6-A

Step 10

The Case For New Hire Onboarding

Week 6-B

Step 11

New Hire Onboarding Lessons From The Military

Week 7

Step 12

Driving Change

Week 8

Step 1

Getting Results

Week 9

Step 1

Providing Feedback That Works

Week 10

Step 1

Building A Winning Culture

Week 11-A

Step 4

The 5 D's of Delegation

Week 11-B

Step 5

Ten Reasons Managers Are Not Delegating More

Week 12-A

Step 6

Deciding When to Fire Someone

Week 12-B

Step 7

How To Fire An Employee

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